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10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Beinn-y-Phott

A Ten Peaks Letterbox, neatly hidden on the slopes of Beinn-y-Phott. A fabulous view of the Baldwin valley can be admired from this position. The summit can easily be reached in a short gentle climb, by parking at the layby on the Brandywell road, just after the cattlegrid. [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Carraghan

Following the shoulder from Beinn-y-Phott, crossing the Millenium Way you can soon reach Carraghan and after ascending, you can enjoy views across to Windy Corner. [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Clagh Ouyr

The summit of Clagh Ouyr provides a commanding view of the northern plain of the Island and is also an ideal vantage point from which to see Snaefell and North Barrule, the highest hills on the Island. [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Clagh Ouyr Beg

Clagh Ouyr Beg forms part of the impressive ridge running from North Barrule to Clagh Ouyr. On a clear day, parts of Scotland are clearly visible. [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Colden Mountain

Colden towers over the Baldwin valley and Injebreck reservoir, the main water source for Douglas and its suburbs. A hike to its summit is rewarded with stunning views to all points of the compass. The plantation at the foot of the hill is popular with walkers and visitors to the nearby Ard Whallin outdoor pursuits centre. [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Creg-y-Cowin

Creg-y-Cowin is not strictly a hill, more of a rise above the Baldwin Valley. This point can easily be recognised from the Mountain Road just after Kates Cottage, it is noticeable by the rocky crag that juts out above the scar of a valley in which one of the many tributaries flows down feeding the Baldwin River below. [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Greeba Mountain

Greeba Mountain is supposedly the haunt of the infamous Buggane of St Trinians. A mountain mystically wrapped in shadows, it towers over the small community of Greeba. From the summit, the roofless church of St Trinians can be seen below as timeless evidence of the Manx legend surrounding this area. [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Lhargee Ruy

Lhargee Ruy lies between Colden and Slieu Ruy, just west of the central valley in the Island, Baldwin. It is possible to drive and park relatively close to the hill but a hike across all three peaks is a tempting challenge. [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Mullagh Ouyr

Situated between Windy Corner and The Bungalow, Mullagh Ouyr is directly east of Beinn-y-Phott and provides a view straight down the impressive Baldwin valley. Douglas can also be seen, following the line of the TT course towards the 33rd Milestone. [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - North Barrule

North Barrule is the second highest point on the Island. The summit is best reached from Clagh Ouyr Beg, although the more difficult ascent is from the Ramsey direction. There are 4 letterboxes hidden in the area. [View Box]

North Barrule

10 Peaks - North Barrule Beg

This letterbox is concealed on the ridge running from North Barrule to Clagh Ouyr. Walking towards Clagh Ouyr, look for 3 cairns dotted along the ridge - the bearing for this box should be taken from the highest of those cairns. Looking east down the hill from the letterbox provides an unrivalled vista of Maughold, the Corrany valley and the ruins of the old farmhouse at Park Llewellyn. [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Park-Ne-Earkan

Park-Ne-Earkan is situated on the Millennium Way, to the west of Glen Auldyn, and can be accessed both from the glen and from Sky Hill. Either route offers a challenging yet rewarding climb but can be problematic after heavy rain. [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Sartfell

On a fine day, few other locations on the Island present such breathtaking scenery as can be viewed from Sartfell. This is an excellent place to appreciate the range of hills that form the backbone of the Island and watching the sun set behind Slieu Freoaghane is always spectacular. [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Slieu Curn

Slieu Curn sits proudly above Ballaugh plantation and the small hamlet of Ravensdale. It is an ideal starting point for accessing Slieu Dhoo and Slieu Freoaghane. [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Slieu Dhoo

Slieu Dhoo translates as "Black Hill" although there is no physical evidence to support this name. From the summit there are good views over Kirk Michael and across the sea towards the Mountains of Mourne in Ireland. [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Slieu Freoaghane

One of the most westerly of the central hills, Slieu Freoaghane boasts an impressive summit cairn and fine views over Kirk Michael. Sartfell and Slieu Maggle are easily accessible. [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Slieu Lhean

Parking at the Black Hut offers many possible letterboxing routes, one of which is to walk to Laxey via the summit of Slieu Lhean. At 469 metres there is a fine view back towards Snaefell and also down the Agneash valley towards Laxey. [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Slieu Lhost

Most easily accessed from Windy Corner, Slieu Lhost offers views east to Laxey village and north towards Snaefell. It is a good place from which to hike towards Carraghan and the Baldwin valley which is adundant with other letterboxes. [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Slieu Maggle

Slieu Maggle is a relatively flat hill but nevertheless provides views of the western slope of Snaefell, most of Sartfell and also Druidale. Hiking south from here allows access to Colden, Greeba and also "Beary Mountain" (although not actually a mountain.) [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Slieu Managh

Slieu Managh is most easily accessed by parking at the Mountain Box. The climb to the summit is gentle but relatively long and the journey can be broken up by a visit to the letterbox at Watershed Cairn. [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Slieu Ouyr

Slieu Ouyr is just a short walk from Slieu Lhean in the direction of Laxey. As well as offering excellent views, each succeeding hill is slightly less high than the other as the descent towards Laxey becomes apparent. [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Slieu Ruy (Greeba)

Most accessible from Lhargee Ruy, Slieu Ruy affords views towards Douglas, the Baldwin valley and nearby Greeba Mountain. Not to be confused with the Slieu Ruy overlooking Laxey! [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Slieu Ruy (Laxey)

Confusingly there are two hills named Slieu Ruy, the other being in the direction of Greeba. Looking out over Dhoon and Bulgham Bay, Sellafield power plant is easily visible on a clear day. [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - Snaefell

Snaefell is the only mountain on the Isle of Man and boasts 9 letterboxes of its own. The summit is dominated by the cafe and radio masts which are visible from much of the rest of the Island. On a decent day, it is possible to see as far south as Cronk ny Arrey Laa as well as (amongst other places) parts of Ireland, Cumbria and Scotland. [View Box]

10 Peaks

10 Peaks - The Verandah

The letterbox is situated on the hill adjacent to Clagh Ouyr, with a commanding view of the Mountain Road. During TT and MGP fortnights there is an excellent view of the competitors as they negotiate Verandah four-bends, Bungalow Bridge, the Bungalow and then Hailwood Rise. With a good pair of binoculars this can be one of the most rewarding spots for race fans. [View Box]


1st Hambleton - Cronk Ny Arrey laa

This box was placed out on the 4th June 1999, It commemorates a visiting Troop, 1st Hambleton, Patrol Camp. The box can be found on the summit of Cronk Ny Arrey Laa, heading towards Peel in the close vicinity of the Fishermans Prayer Millenium Cross. [View Box]

North - Ramsey

Albert Tower

Standing 40 feet high, the Albert Tower was built to commemorate the unexpected visit of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert to the Island in 1847. [View Box]

Central - Baldwin

Ard Whallin

Ard Whallin outdoor pursuits centre is one of the best locations on the Island for youth groups (and adults wanting to rediscover their youth!) The centre has its own assault course and visitors can make arrangements to go kayaking too. There is ample accommodation inside the house which has its own kitchen and social area. [View Box]

North - Millenium Way

Battle of Sky Hill

The Millenium Way from Ramsey to Castletown is way marked from the Lezayre Road, just over a mile from Parliament Square in Ramsey. The track ascends Sky Hill or Skorgarfjall, meaning the wooded hill. A plaque, just a short distance up the left hand side of the track, commemorates the Battle of Sky Hill fought in 1079 (OS grid reference 433 942). [View Box]


Beinn-y-Phott Mine

The old mine workings are still in evidence a short way up the valley from the Packhorse Bridge. When the mine shaft was sunk, it was hoped to extract good quality metal ores such as lead, zinc, silver and copper from what was thought to be part of the Laxey stream. The Beinn-y-Phott mine was however unproductive and closed in 1867. [View Box]

North - Snaefell

Black Hut

A well-known landmark on the famous TT motorcycle mountain course. The old roadside store hut was originally black but is now a stone building used as a control point for the races. [View Box]

North - Glen Auldyn

Black Pool

Black Pool, but no sign of the tower!!!! This ghostly pool sits at the head of Glen Auldyn, a rather seemingly mystical valley heading up in the direction of Mountain Box. [View Box]

North - Millenium Way

Block Eary Shielings

The shielings, or hut circles, are situated above the steep valley of Block Eary. Some are no more than mounds of earth, the remains of ancient Manx shepherds summer houses. [View Box]

South - Bradda

Bradda Head

Climbing to the top of Bradda Head is always a rewarding experience. The sheltered bay of Port Erin, popular in the summer months, is easily visible along with the Calf of Man and Castletown. [View Box]

North - Snaefell Mines

C2C Team

A letterbox placed after a Chief Scouts Challenge team undertook their challenge, this box is carefully hidden around the lower slopes of Snaefell, beneath the Verandah near to Snaefell mines. [View Box]

Central - Baldwin

Carraghan - Tumuli

These archeological remains are to be found on the lower slopes of Carraghan and above the Injebreck Resevoir in the West Baldwin valley. Although shown on some maps as Shielings, or hut circles, the earthworks are thought to be Tumuli, or burial mounds, most probably of Viking origin and dating from the 10th Century. [View Box]

South - Bradda Head

Carys Memorial Box

A lasting memory to a faithful friend, this box sits at the summit of Bradda Hill. [View Box]

Cooil-Y-Ree, St Johns

Centenary of Scouting

This box celebrates 100 years of Scouting, 1907-2007. Scouting began back in 1907, with a simple idea set out by Lord Robert Baden-Powell in the form of a book called Scouting for Boys. This idea was for young boys to form together in patrols and learn skills such as navigation, backwoods cooking, tracking and pioneering. [View Box]

North - Snaefell

Chief Scouts Visit Box

This box was installed on Snaefell by the Chief Scout on 4th July 1998 whilst visiting the Island. [View Box]

North - Tholt-y-Will

Cleigh Yn Arragh

The Cross Dyke earthworks at Cleigh yn Arragh forms part of an ancient defensive rampart and ditch controlling the hill-route between two streams. It is probably iron age and from the first Millenium AD. There is a plaque on a stone pillar (at OS grid reference 383 885) standing by the earthworks near the road to Tholt-y-Will. [View Box]

North - Tholt-y-Will

Craft Centre

A beautiful, heavily wooded area at the head of Sulby Glen on the lower slopes of Snaefell; often called the Manx Switzerland. The Manx Electric Railway once operated popular tours from Douglas to Laxey, then to the summit. After descending by tram to the Bungalow Station, passengers were taken to Tholt-y-Will Glen by motor coach. [View Box]

Central - Baldwin

Cronk Keeill Abban

Cronk Keeill Abban is one of three ancient mound sites found on the Island where Tynwald Parliament was held. An open-air ceremony of the Islands freemen gathered here to proclaim all the new laws. The present Tynwald Hill is at St. Johns where the ancient ceremony of proclamation is still enacted on each Tynwald Day - 5th July. [View Box]

West - Dalby Mountain

Doarlish Cashen

Once home of the Irving family, this rural farmhouse became something of a popular tourist destination in the 1930s after several appearances of a talking mongoose!! This bizarre creature even attracted the attentions of Harry Price, but curiously Gef was only ever witnessed by the family members, in particular 13 year old Voirrey Irving. [View Box]

Central - Baldwin

Douglas Explorers

This letterbox is situated up on the slopes of the Baldwin valley, near to Creg-y-Cowin. A short walk from where the road ends in East Baldwin, heading up on the footpath towards Windy Corner will bring you to the location of this letterbox. This spot was chosen specially by members of Douglas Explorers as the area of Baldwin has historically been a regular camping ground for Douglas Scout Groups. [View Box]


Eary Cushlin

Eary Cushlin is perhaps the most remote house on the Island, once home to an eccentric man named Colby Cubbin, who bought the house in 1940 to escape German bombing during World War II. Only two bombs fell on the Isle of Man, ironically one being dropped near the house by a German plane returning from Northern Ireland. [View Box]


Fleshwick Bay

A rather picturesque and out of the way place to visit, due to the long single track road meandering through the valley from Bradda direction, the secrecy of this cove certainly conjours up images of pirates and smugglers from times gone by. [View Box]

South - South Barrule Beg

Foxdale Mines

This letterbox commemorates the former mine workings at Foxdale, situated close to the former Glen Rushen mines on the moors overlooking St Johns and the hamlet of Gleneedle. The box is within easy walking distance of South Barrule and can be accessed from the summit by descending the northern ridge. [View Box]

South - Cronk Ny Arrey Laa

Hill of the Day Watch

Cronk Ny Arrey Laa translates as "Hill of the Day Watch," and is quite an interesting living language reference to the Watch and Ward system particularly active on the Isle of Man in the 15th and 16th Centuries, during the rule of the Stanley Family. [View Box]

North - Snaefell Mines

Hoppers Crag

This letterbox may be found above the disused Snaefell Mine. It has been sponsored by a visiting Scout Troop from Hatfield Peverel in Essex, whose members have been active in letterboxing on Dartmoor. [View Box]

South - South Barrule

King Williams College

This box is located near the summit of South Barrule, overlooking King Williams College, which is easily recognisable by the prominent clock tower that stands tall on the horizon. The college was founded in 1833 and is the Islands only Public school. [View Box]

South - Cronk Ny Arrey Laa

KWC, CCF Cronk Ny Arrey Laa

King Williams College is home to the Islands only Combined Cadet Force, many close links have been formed between the KWC-CCF and Manx Scouting. The letterbox location offers views to the South and from here you can see King Williams College as well as Ronaldsway Airport. [View Box]

Central - Slieau Lhost

Leprechauns Box

Situated near the summit of Slieu Lhost, this box was installed by members of the 1998 Leprechauns Chief Scout Challenge Team. The team comprised 1st Ramsey and 2nd Onchan Scouts. [View Box]

North - North Barrule

Leslie Vondy Memorial Box

This letterbox is hidden on the slopes of North Barrule. [View Box]

South - South Barrule

Manx Airlines

Manx Airlines is pleased to have its own letterbox in the South overloking Ronaldsway Airport. The stamp contains all the airport abbreviations of Manx Airlines past destinations. [View Box]

North - Ramsey

MER, Lhergy Frissell

This letterbox was established to celebrate the centenary of the Manx Electric Railway. It is concealed in the Lhergy Frissell plantation overlooking Ramsey and can be accessed either from Ramsey Hairpin or Waterworks corner. [View Box]

North - Millennium Way

Millennium Way

The Millennium Way from Ramsey to Castletown is way marked from the Lezayre Road, Just over a mile from Parliament Square in Ramsey. The track ascends Sky Hill or Skorgafjall, meaning the Wooded Hill. [View Box]

North - North Barrule

North Barrule

Hidden on the slopes of North Barrule, this boxes location offers superb views of Ramsey, home of 1st Ramsey Scout Group. [View Box]

Central - Beinn-y-Phott

Red Rose

A commemorative letterbox on the slopes of Beinn-y-Phott. This letterbox was set up by visiting Canadian Scouts of the Battlefield Region to commemorate their visit to the Isle of Man as part of their Red Rose 2000 Camp. This handstamp is unique in its shape being oval in shape. [View Box]

North - Snaefell

Reservoir Box

A box placed out by two keen and adventurous Scouters, one of their favoured activities being Kayaking. The boxes location understandably looks down on Sulby Reservoir from high up on Snaefell summit. [View Box]

North - Snaefell

Roaming Romans

A Chief Scouts Challenge team who undertook their challenge, this box can be found near the summit of Snaefell. [View Box]



A fine example of a circular sheepfold can be found on the lower slopes of Snaefell, just below the road from The Bugalow to Tholt-y-Will. It is best viewed from the slopes of Beinn-y-Phott, from the opposite bank of the infant Sulby River. The letterbox is however located on the lower slopes of the sheepfold side of the valley. [View Box]

North - North Barrule

Sir Norman Wisdom Box

This letterbox can be found on North Barrule overlooking the northern plain of the Island and in particular "Ballalaugh," home of Sir Norman for many years. [View Box]


Slieau Dhoo

Slieau Dhoo or Black Hill is a fitting name for this peak as it casts dark shadows on the valley of Glen Dhoo below. There is no easy way to reach the summit of Slieau Dhoo as itforms the central backbone of a spine of hills high above Kirk Michael and Druidale. [View Box]


Slieu Whallian Witches Box

Also known as Aleyns Mountain, Slieau Whallian is a steep and heavily wooded hill at St Johns and near Tynwald Hill. Witches were once put in spiked barrels and rolled down the slopes of Slieau Whallian to what was usually, a very horrific end. [View Box]

South - Cronk Ny Arrey Laa

Sloc Shielings

The Sloc is one of the steepest climbs on the Island and is a popular route for car hill-climbs. The surrounding area is known as "Heather Hills" because of its distinctive purple colour in summer. Remains of hut circles or "Shielings" can be found close by. [View Box]

North - Snaefell

Snaefell Girt

A deep scar on the north slope of Snaefell - "The Snow Mountain". This scar can easily be seen from Block Eary. Cross the river from the confluence and proceed up the side of Snaefell until the lower end of the girt is reached. [View Box]

North - Snaefell

Snaefell Mountain Railway

The double track almost 5 miles long from Laxey to Snaefell summit was opened in 1895 and has a general gradient of 1 in 12. A third rail on the inside track was laid in 1995 - centenary year - to enable the steam engine Caledonia to ascend. All the original six tramcars still operate. The only halt is at The Bungalow where the tracks cross the TT course near the former motorcycle museum. [View Box]

North - Snaefell

Snaefell Peat Cutters

Until relatively recently, peat was cut from the slopes of Snaefell and surrounding hills. It was dried and used for fuel in the old Manx cottages and tholtans. Evidence of peat cutting can still be seen in several locations. [View Box]

North - Snaefell

Snaefell Summit, 2036 Feet

Snaefell is the only mountain, at 2036 feet, on the Isle of Man. Six kingdoms can be viewed from the top - England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Mann and Heaven. There is an Ordnance Survey triangulation point on the summit and nearby there is an engraved plate on a stone pillar showing the relative positions of the munications huts and masts dominating the landscape around the summit area. [View Box]

South - South Barrule

South Barrule Ancient Hill Fort

Crosh Vushta means the mustering cross, an ancient practice believed to be introduced by the Vikings as a method of summoning men to take their turn on watch. [View Box]


Sulby River - Miners Pack Horse Bridge

An old stone-arched bridge across the Sulby River near its source. It was built and used by the Beinn-y-Phott miners in the mid-nineteenth century. It now carries the Millennium Way over the river. [View Box]

North - Glen Auldyn

The Old Lead Mine

This letterbox is situated at the head of Glen Auldyn, close to Poyll Dhoo (the Black Pool.) Evidence of the lead mine is still plain to see, as heaps of slate dominate the sides of this impressive valley. [View Box]

North - Millenuim Way

Watershed Cairn

This well-built cairn is located on the Millenium Way below Slieau Managh on a col with a good view of Snaefell summit. Constructed of Manx stone, the cairn was presented in 1985 by K.L. Baty and J.K. Baxendale in appreciation of the establishment of this long distance path. [View Box]

South - South Barrule

Watertrough Park Cottage

Watertrough Cottage in South Barrule plantation is a cosy bunkhouse managed by 2nd Onchan Scout Group. Easily visible from the Round Table road, the bunkhouse provides both cooking and sleeping facilities but has no electricity. [View Box]

North - Slieau Ouyr

Wyre CSC Team Box

Box installed on Slieau Ouyr by the Wyre CSC Team from West Lancashire. [View Box]

North - Ramsey

Yn Crossags - The Monks Crossing

This letterbox is very well hidden in woodland overlooking the Crossags Campsite in Ramsey. It is most easily reached from Ramsey Hairpin and, along with the letterboxes at Albert Tower and Lhergy Frissell, forms a challenging but very rewarding walk. [View Box]